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Saturday, April 11, 2015


Time to get myself out, off the drawing board!!!
OTTAWA I BE COMING FOR YOU!!!! In May I will infest you fare city,.... cause.
More info to come.

Vancouver pictures!!!

I won't do the regular tourist thing except for 1 shot.
After the visit of the Olympic Torch thing thing,.... the true con can start!!
I saw fawn's!!
I saw Asgard's!!

I had triple vision of Simon Pegg.

I meet zombies. I am now infected.

And my Buddy got insulted by Data.

I'd say we had a successful weekend.
Till next I pick up the keyboard!!!


FanExpo Vancouver

Yes I should have written earlier this week,.... but the bills needed paying.
Vancouver,... What a fantastic city!!!
And the Expo completely amazing, I will be back.
I thank the people who came by the table, a lot of fun was had.
If anybody is interested in seeing more of my work you can click to the right of the screen to see my full online portfolio.... or is your interested in an original piece ALL FOR YOU!! You can contact me here:

Now to post pics!!