Welcome to the insane world of Nigel Lewis, through NCL Studios. Through this blog you'll see all the projects I will be working on, including illustrations, comic book work, costume design and prop building.
If you are interested in a commission, please contact me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 week warning!!!

Time is a pain. You think you got plenty till it's all gone.
So in 2 weeks, March 9 and 10, we will be at the Toronto ComicCon in the Downtown convention centre.
We got lots of posters, got books too and for those who want to show off their costumes,... Oh do we have something for you!!! Zone 3 Photography will be with us to make sure you get a professional pic of your costume!!!
So look for the booths, look for the Demon Dog and Sparta and Word!! And plenty of other surprises!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

WOW,.. I am not a good blogger

I really bad at this. I need to improve,... if you can think of anyway to improve my ways, email me, tell me.
I need help in this factor.
Anyway, since last time it's been all SPEED ahead.
We have combined all the comics to one website at
But we are still at
PLUS we got lots more to the site!!!! Videos, blogs, pics, links,..... monkeys,.... who knows until you look.
But still if you want to check my portfolio for commission work on art or costumes, click the portfolio link and get a hold of me.
I'm also going to be attempting twitter,... who knows how that will go. I'll update you with that later.
Anyway, back to the pages,... need more done!!!!
But till then,.. how's this for you!!!
WA-BAM,.... you can get this at our upcoming con's and on our site!!!
Till next time